My vintage inspired fine art prints have been created using a technique called ttv (through the viewfinder).


I use an original 1940s camera so the dust, scratches, blur and flaws are all part of the original images I produce.


I only use a computer to crop the images and then sometimes give them a slight vintage tint.


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TTV photograph of rubber ducks dressed as bride and groom by Gail Griggs.

TTV still life photograph of a red elephant and narcissus flowers.

Beach grass photographed through a 1940s vintage camera.

TTV still life photograph of a feather butterfly by Gail Griggs

Blue book pages photographed through the viewfinder of a 1940s camera.

TTV still life photograph of sewing pins with heart shapes.

Nature photograph of yellow daffodils taken ttv of a vintage 1940s camera.

Bon voyage! Toy aeroplane still life photograph.

Cherry tree blossom nature ttv photograph.

My vintage Ensign Ful-Vue camera. I use this to take most of my fine art ttv photographs.